Campaigning for the rights of private tenants in Scarborough

Organisation of Private Tenants (OPT) (formerly known as Scarborough Private Tenants Rights Group) is a campaigning group and voice for tenants renting privately in the Borough of Scarborough.

Privately rented housing is different from home ownership or social renting. It should not be worse!

Scarborough Borough Council's Housing Options guide states that "Unfortunately there is a significant shortage of affordable housing within the Scarborough Borough", this can create a high demand for renting privately. According to Shelter there are 2,355 households on the waiting list for affordable housing in the area ( In 2009 according to Government figures, there were around 1800 empty homes not in use in the Borough, around 700 have been empty for longer than 6 months!
The group campaigns locally, regionally and nationally on issues such deposits, repairs, tenancy agreements, health and safety, possession proceedings and evictions, consultation with tenants, fair rents, security of tenure, enforcement of tenants rights, empty homes, harassment, benefits, housing energy performance and representation for tenants.

OPT is an independent voluntary campaigning organisation. It can provide information to tenants but it is not an advice agency and does not take on casework. Details of agencies which can provide advice, support and advocacy are listed on the links page.

If you would like to contribute to the work of OPT please email: Telephone: 07931 142485.

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Last updated on 5th March 2013.   

  • The blight of empty homes

    Empty properties are a blight on local communities and can often be brought back into use to provide rented accommodation. Visit the website of the Empty Homes Agency for more information:

    According to government statistics in 2009 there where 702 private sector dwellings empty for over 6 months in the Borough and around 2000 empty in totalĀ (see

  • Tenants survey

    We would like to hear about the type of problems you have had if any in relation to your tenancy? Please use the reply form on the 'Contact us' page to reply. You do not need to mention names or addresses (but please mention the name of the town you live in) it is the problems we would like to know about. All information will be held in the strictest confidence.

A voice for private tenants in Scarborough
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In the last 12 months, 96% of Environmental Health Officers working in housing enforcement in the private rented sector have encountered problems with damp and mould growth, 94% with excess cold, 91% with fire safety and 90% with electrical safety.

Source: Shelter/CIEH Survey, July 2010.

Tenants, landlords and supporters are invited to our drop in sessions Mondays 9.30am - 12 noon Jobmatch at Eastfield top shops, Mondays 1.30pm - 5pm room CF5 at Scarborough Town Hall and Tuesdays 1pm - 5pm room CF5 at Scarborough Town Hall.